Recommended Best Sandalwood Perfume, Soft Scent all day for Beloved Couples!

Dense activity, often makes you sweat. If in a situation like this, perfume is the mainstay to overcome it. One of the perfume scents that both men and women like is sandalwood perfume. Are you one of them, Marshalova?

Perfume with a sandalwood aroma is believed to neutralize the smell of sweat, pollution or the heat of the sun that we often don’t realize. No wonder you can take this perfume with you everywhere. This partum fragrance does tend to be masculine, you can wear it yourself or you can give this sandalwood-scented perfume gift to your partner, you know, Marshalova!

Best Sandalwood Perfume Recommendation

Girls, you don’t need to be confused about what are the best perfume brands with sandalwood scents. The reason is, Marsha Beauty has prepared a list for you below:

Sandalwood Sultan

The first recommended perfume with a sandalwood scent is the sultan’s sandalwood perfume. This perfume is a perfume with a sandalwood fragrance which is quite familiar to women. Sandalwood oil does have a nice and elegant fragrance when inhaled, so it’s a face if many people like it. 

As the name suggests, this sultan sandalwood perfume is made from pure sandalwood from the island of Java. This product is sold in 6 ml sizes at a price of around IDR 170 thousand. Even though it’s quite pricey, it’s still worth it for you to buy.

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Heirloom Sandalwood Clear Fragrant Oil

The second recommended perfume with a sandalwood scent is the Bening Sandalwood Heirloom Fragrant Oil. This perfume is a little different from other sandalwood perfumes because of its very mini size with a clear glass container containing wood oil seeds.

This one product is usually used to fulfill spiritual needs, so for those of you who are in need, you can buy this perfume. The price is quite pricey with such a small size, which is IDR 45,000. 

Sandalwood Sandalwood

The next perfume product with a sandalwood scent is Sandalwood Sandalwood. This perfume is also made from the main ingredient of sandalwood with a size of 110 ml. 

Actually this perfume has an aroma that is more towards aromatherapy, which can make your mind more relaxed. You can take this ‘refill’ perfume home with you at a price of Rp. 90,000 and you can get it in your favorite marketplace. 

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Perfume Emotion My Way 

The next perfume recommendation is the perfume Emotion My Way for women. The fragrance of this perfume is a combination of sandalwood, peach, and amber flowers, making this perfume very soft and elegant. 

With a size of 40 ml, this perfume is priced at IDR 71,000. The price is very fitting, right Marshalova? So there’s nothing wrong for you to try. You can buy it in some of your favorite marketplaces.

Those are some recommendations for the best sandalwood perfume that you can try. The perfume list above is suitable for those of you who want an elegant and calming fragrance. Are you interested in trying it Marshalova?