Building Character through Mindfulness at Global Sevilla – Cambridge international school

As an cambridge international school, Global Sevilla commits to serving the best quality of education for students. Whether it is in terms of academics, non-academics, or even character-building programs are equally important. Therefore, related to the character-building for students, this school is using mindfulness behavior as the core character implemented.

Building Character of Global Sevilla Students through Mindfulness

  1. Mindfulness as The Core Character

Mindfulness has become the core behavior implemented at Global Sevilla. Why it is selected? It is because this behavior is encourage students to be aware of everything around them. Thus, they can think and act appropriately when any situation happens and have a suitable reaction, not too over.

Moreover, by implementing this behavior, the students are expected to be present and focus on everything they do. It will bring advantages for them when studying or understanding materials because their mind is concentrated and it optimizes the knowledge they can absorb in this cambridge international school. So that is why mindfulness is important for the student’s character-building program here.

  1. Take the Benefits from Mindfulness

Related to the numerous benefits of implementing mindfulness, the students are expected to do the same thing. It is because this behavior can encourage students to be fully present at the moment, train them to be aware and careful, and also help them to concentrate more. So they will do everything with a calm and relaxed mind, not in a rush.

Then, mindfulness also makes people feel more blessed toward God. They will reflect on their failure, try to fix them, and try to do better in the future. All of those benefits can be advantageous for students to build their good character. It is supported by the belief of this school that this behavior can change students’ better day by day.

  1. Day with Mindfulness

To implement mindfulness in the students, this cambridge international school has mindfulness activities daily. It means that the students will start their day with a mindfulness session in the morning every day. It aims to make them present and ready to study, and clear their mind from any thoughts that might distract the study.

Through implementing mindfulness in the students’ character-building program, the result got was great. Students from Global Sevilla have great character and behavior, so it can be said that this program is successful. Thus, it also makes this school the best Jakarta international school. So, it is a perfect reason why parents should send their children to study at Global Sevilla